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Energize your Life

Energize yourself with a wide variety of classes trained by energetic and motivating instructors. All of our programs are carefully curated to deliver a simple, transformational and effective social experience independent of age,flexibility and fitness level.


Achieve the best from your body & mind

The Zela Way

Zela is not just a Gym. We offer you a lifestyle choice. We’ll support you through your choices and help you to achieve the best from your body – whether you’re trying to fit exercise into a hectic work life or recovering from an injury. We’re here to support you.


Indulge with a personalised wellness routine

Live the Zela Experience

We believe nothing should distract you from your wellness goals, so we have designed a space that allows you to focus on nothing but reaching your personal best. From world-class equipment to infrastructure, Zela offers everything you need in a Health Club


Sophistication Meets Wellness

Zela is a perfect blend of energized atmosphere and sophistication with mindful design. Located at the heart of Central Business District and the IT Corridor of Bengaluru – we have a singular vision of delivering world-class services to our customers.

Become a Member

Get the ball rolling on your Zela membership. Drop your details with us and our Club Manager will get in touch with you. Alternatively, drive down into your nearest club during office hours or
call: +91 80 4334 7000

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